Industrial, Utilities and Energy Infrastructure

SCEE has established a strong position in the industrial, utility and energy market space on the back of our technical know-how and many years of experience in complex infrastructure projects. From design and construct, to commissioning and maintenance support, we can provide a broad range of electrical, instrumental and communication services.

Our DNA has been developed in providing services to heavy industry and utilities. As the water and energy sector has changed we have developed our capabilities to support clients with the adoption and integration of new technologies. Our services also extend to supporting clients with solutions to manage and minimise waste and deliver more sustainable outcomes.

SCEE is a leading provider of electrical, instrumental and communication services to:

  • Processing plants, manufacturing and fabrication facilities.
  • Light / heavy industrial operations and transport hubs.
  • Energy generation, storage and transmission.
  • Water and wastewater treatment, transport and recycling.
  • Renewable energy – wind farms, solar generation and waste to energy plants.