A positive legacy

SCEE engages with communities where they operate and develop corporate social responsibility seeking to create a positive legacy through maximising local employment opportunities and taking an active social role.

By fostering a culture of active participation in the areas surrounding where we are located to work, we aim to ensure the wider community benefits from our presence. We are a proud supporter of numerous grassroots charities, sporting teams, initiatives and sponsored events and we encourage our people to get involved and help build strong, thriving communities.

Indigenous communities

We respect the culture, values and traditions of Indigenous communities and our Indigenous employee strategy is designed to ensure that we are meeting and surpassing our commitments in this area.

Our Indigenous employment policy centres on providing support, training and sustainable employment opportunities. In 2010 we introduced an Indigenous Traineeship Scheme to further enhance long term career opportunities and stable work environments. Trainees have progressed to electrical apprenticeships, trade assistants and business administration.

Our unique program recognises the skills and attributes of the individual and then identifies the most appropriate role within the company that suits their skill set. This approach supports the sustainability of the program and employment.

SCEE’s key indigenous community policy: