SCEE Group has a Board-endorsed Corporate Governance Framework aimed at ensuring the business is managed effectively and ethically and that risks are appropriately identified, monitored and addressed.

Board and Committees

The current Board members are as follows:


Karl Paganin (Independent Chairman)

Graeme Dunn (CEO/Managing Director)

Derek Parkin (Independent Non-executive Director)

Simon Buchhorn (Independent Non-executive Director)

Paul Chisholm (Non-executive Director)

In order to better manage its responsibilities, the Board has established an Audit and Risk Management Committee and a Nomination and Remuneration Committee. Each Committee has adopted a charter approved by the Board, setting out its responsibilities. The current Committee members are as follows:

Audit and Risk Management Committee

Derek Parkin (Chairman)

Simon Buchhorn

Paul Chisholm

Nomination and Remuneration Committee

Karl Paganin (Chairman)

Derek Parkin

Paul Chisholm

Corporate Governance Framework

SCEE Group has in place corporate governance practices which are formally embodied in corporate governance policies and codes adopted by the Board (“Policies”). The aim of the policies is to ensure that the Group is effectively managed, risks are identified, monitored and assessed, and appropriate disclosures are made.

In preparing the policies, the Directors considered the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Principles and Recommendations. The Directors incorporated the Principles and Recommendations into the policies to the extent that they were appropriate taking into account the company’s size, structure, resources and activities.

Corporate Governance Statement

Further detail on SCEE Group’s corporate governance practices can be found in the Corporate Governance Statement as the link below:

Corporate Governance Statement

Corporate Governance Policies

SCEE Group’s key corporate governance policies can be found at the links below:

Board Charter

Audit and Risk Management Committee Charter

Nomination and Remuneration Committee Charter

Code of Conduct

Anti-bribery and Corruption


Continuous Disclosure

Shareholder Communication

Securities Trading

Human Rights Policy

Diversity Policy