• Client: Energy Queensland Limited
  • Status: In Progress
  • Value: $20 Million
  • Duration: Oct 2017 – Jun 2020
  • Capabilites: E&I Services and Maintenance
  • Market: Industrial, Utilities and Energy

SCEE was awarded the contract for Part 3 of the Northern Region for the provision of asset inspection and maintenance for Energy Queensland Limited.

SCEE is required to carry out and complete the Services including rigorous Inspection and Maintenance Services and Management Services in accordance with the Service Agreement, in order to ensure the safety and reliability of Ergon Energy’s distribution supply network and to ensure Ergon Energy can comply with regulatory requirements.

The scope work includes –

  • Inspection and maintenance of overhead line assets and associated earthing systems
  • Inspection of above ground assets in underground areas, including pillars and streetlight poles
  • Testing and maintenance of overhead earthing systems