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Location: Kwinana Beach, WA
Market: Resources – Mining
Performed by: SEME Solutions

Scope of Work:

SEME Solution’s client was about to start construction on a new lithium refinery and needed a temporary access control solution to manage the workforce on and off the site.

SEME Solutions designed and constructed two temporary solar powered site access entry hubs for the Kwinana refinery construction project. The two independent site entry hubs consisted of turnstiles and CCTV for monitoring of access/egress.

Hub One accommodated four half height turnstiles and a local Gallagher control skid. Hub Two consisted of a single access/egress point. Both hubs are powered by solar seven days a week for autonomous operation.

SEME Solutions installed new Gallagher ACS and Milestone VMS systems that will enable easier relocation and integration to a permanent gatehouse once the site is ready for production.

As there was currently no fixed network during construction both site entry hubs were connected to the covalent Gallagher server via 4G connectivity for user tracking in live time. Any new starter to the construction project

will be assigned access and have immediate ability to enter site with the Gallagher system communication 24/7 back to the server.